Residents celebrate the completion of community mural

It's been years in the making and Friday with the help of the community the Kirksville Arts Association celebrated the completion of the Legacy Mural.

Dozens of Kirksville residents came out to see the completed mural, which many of them helped make.

There are themes for each section of the mural.

Many of the tiles were created by Art Educator Connie Greany who said the city should be proud of what they've done together.

â??This community is the most amazing community because well first of all community means unity and that means you come together and you work on something you make it happen,â?? Greany said.

â??As you continue to look at the tiles and look around think about not how only your tile, but the tiles of other persons in the community represent the community because itâ??s all very positive. So all of the contributions no matter what kind of contribution it is end up making the community the great community that it is.â??

The mural contains more than 3,000 tiles.