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      Residents evacuated following Fairfield apartment building fire

      UPDATE: Investigators from the Fairfield Fire Department now know what caused Tuesday afternoon's fire at the Northbay Apartments on East Pierce Street in Fairfield.

      Fire Chief Scott Vaughn told KTVO Tuesday night that an electric baseboard heater is to blame.

      He said the resident told firefighters she saw sparks coming from the heater.

      The sparks then caught nearby bedding on fire.

      The flames spread from there.

      The fire was contained to that one apartment.

      The other seven apartments in the building sustained only minor smoke damage.


      Several families in Fairfield are without a place to stay following an afternoon fire.

      The Fairfield Fire Department responded to a fire at the North Bay Apartments on East Pierce Street Tuesday afternoon.

      The fire was contained to one apartment in the building and that apartment is a total loss. A mother and two of her children were in the apartment at the time and made it out safely.

      Several other apartments suffered some smoke damage.

      The entire building was evacuated, but there were no reported injuries.

      The American Red Cross is assisting families with emergency needs such as lodging, food and new clothing.

      Authorities will next try to learn what caused the fire.Related story....Investigation continues into early morning fire in Macon