Residents petition to preserve old school

Greenwood Elementary School

On the corner of Normal and Halliburton Streets, you can find the former Greenwood Elementary School.

Truman State University bought the building in 1999.

Stevan Brown and some other members of the Kirksville community have gotten together to save Greenwood School.

â??The petition is simply to encourage Truman to make Greenwood School a higher priority than what it is now,â?? Brown said.

â??Itâ??s fallen into disrepair as far as windows need replaced, and it needs to be repainted.â??

Karl Schneider, Trumanâ??s Physical Plant Director said the building is currently being used for storage.

â??Weâ??re taking care of the building to make sure it's structurally sound, and it's not getting damaged on the inside from water,â?? Schneider said.

Since Truman bought the building it has replaced the roof, repaired boilers and replaced some windows.

Brown said thatâ??s fine, but thereâ??s still more to be done.

â??Weâ??re not looking to hurt Truman," Brown said.

â??Weâ??re not looking to go into battle with Truman. We just want them to make it a higher priority, so the building is taken care of and doesnâ??t fall further into disrepair.â??

And the upkeep of the school literally hits close to home for Sterling Reindel, a former teacher who lives right across the street from the school where he used to educate students.

â??They can make more use of the gym the stage and all,â?? Reindel said. â??It just needs to be used more in this part of Kirksville we feel.â??

Reindel, who taught at Greenwood for more than 30 years, said some of his fondest memories were made inside this building.

â??We had wonderful people and wonderful parents,â?? Reindel said.

â??I went to Greenwood from kindergarten through third grade,â?? Brown said. â??And, I loved it. I had the best teachers at Greenwood. I just love the building and every time I drive by it just looks sad.â??

Brown and Reindel hope that one day soon the sun will shine brightly over a new-and-improved Greenwood Elementary School.

You can find a link to the petition by clicking HERE.