Residents see golf ball-sized hail in the Batavia area

Batavia resident Allen Jones and his wife collected these golf-ball sized pieces of hail.

Sunday's scattered storms brought tornado warnings and medium sized hail across our viewing area.

Resident Allen Jones, a retired school teacher lives in rural Batavia, just three miles south of the city limits. He says most of the hail he saw yesterday was pea-size hail, but there was a two-to-three minute period of golf-ball sized hail. It did minor damage to his car he is trading in. Jones says the hail damage won't affect the trade of his car. The pieces of hail in the picture are actually pieces from Sunday afternoon's storm. Jones and his wife put them in the refrigerator. He put his keys next to the hail to put the size into perspective.

Over in Fairfield, residents report hail during yesterday's storms as well, so far, residents we spoke to haven't heard of any damage. A co-owner of Fesler Auto Mall says they expect people with any hail damage to start coming in for quotes in the next few days.