Residents voices concerns over hog confinements

It was a packed court room Tuesday night with more than 70 people attending the Wapello County Supervisors meeting â?? all having concerns about hogs.

This came after someone put in a permit for new hog confinements that would be located on the east side of Wapello County â?? with 5,000 hogs per confinement.

Many residents living around Eldon and Batavia are against this saying they are fearful of the putrid smell that would likely come along with it, as well as possible negative health side effects.

The Wapello County Supervisors listened to everyoneâ??s concerns at the meeting, although they do not have the authority to put a stop to the hog confinements.

â??That information we are going to pass on to the DNR who will be I guess the ultimate deciders in this particular issue. I don't know if they weigh all the information they receive or all theyâ??re looking for are just simply the guidelines, the measurements and so forth -- the black and white to guide them in their decision making process -- I donâ??t know that,â?? said Greg Kenning, Wapello County Supervisor.

Kenning said the next step for concerned residents is to take them to the legislature attending legislative forums and making their voices heard.