Retired firefighter makes daily trip to fire station

Glenn "Budd" Dimmitt walks to the Fairfield Fire Department every day even though he's been retired for 30 years

His name is Glenn Dimmitt but most people call him Budd.

Heâ??s been a retired firefighter at the Fairfield Fire Station for 30 years but it seems he just canâ??t stay away. Every day, Budd walks the half mile to the fire department to chit-chat and check up on everyone.

Heâ??s becomes somewhat of a legend.

â??You know he's coming, and like I said, even if itâ??s raining he's here but if he doesn't show up we wonder why. Easy going, happy guy. So kind of neat that he remembers the fires and we can discuss them. Sometimes we have to remind him that he's 50, 60 years before us, so we don't remember exactly the same fires he's talking about or landmarks or businesses like that,â?? said Steve Winslow, Fairfield Fire Department.

Budd was a firefighter from 1952 to 1982 and he says things at the fire station have definitely changed since then.

â??Alarms came in on a telephone. We had to bank on the telephone office, fire coming in, announcer, the operator, would hit the button, all 20 phones would right, one's here, one at home and all over every firemanâ??s house. And the woman would get up and take the calls and if she was designated to be the repeater she'd have to repeat because the operator would go off and then sheâ??d have to repeat and every fireman would pick up the phone when sheâ??d tell them where the fire was,â?? said Budd.

Fire Chief Scott Vaughan says Budd has proven to be a role model for the younger guys at the fire station through the years.

â??When you're new on the department obviously you havenâ??t learn the inâ??s and outâ??s of the department. And very quickly you learn that Budd was somebody that would be here on a daily basis whether it was just to talk or whether we had a large fire going on, he would check up just to make sure everything was going good and if we needed anything, he'd do whatever he could to help us,â?? said Fire Chief Vaughan.

Budd says he will continue to walk to the fire station everyday as long as he is able to.