Retrial date for Seth Techel still unknown

The retrial of accused murderer Seth Techel will not begin as scheduled.

Jury selection for retrial of Seth Andrew Techel was originally scheduled to begin Monday in a Mt. Pleasant, Iowa courtroom. That courtroom was silent however and is unlikely to host Techel's retrial anytime soon.

Last week, the defense filed a motion to continue the trial, citing problems with the health of lead defense counsel Steven Gardner.

Judge Dan Wilson granted that continuance and set August 15 for hearing to reschedule that trial.

At a motion hearing in late July, both the defense and the prosecution agreed that the second trial would take at least three weeks.

That would be nearly as long as the first trial, an epic affair that went on for 24 days and ended in a hung jury.

That means it may prove difficult for the state, the defense and the court to find openings on their respective calendars, so it is conceivable that the retrial could be pushed into 2014.

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