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      Revised nondiscrimination policy at Truman

      Truman State University's Board of Governors has approved a new policy in their statement of nondiscrimination.

      Following at 6-1 vote on Saturday, the Board of Governors approved a condensed policy.

      Monday, KTVO spoke with Warren Wells with Truman's General Counsel, and he told us the board simply shortened the policy to make it more clear and reader friendly.

      "The board adopted a very innovative policy back in 92, that was a very expansive nondiscrimination policy that included protection for the category we call sexual orientation," Wells said.

      Mr. Wells made it clear that this means no change for the way the university conducts itself. KTVO has learned that there were two members on the board who did not want to keep sexual orientation as part of the policy. However, majority ruled, which kept the university in prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, disability, age, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.

      This approval provides the same protection as the previous one. It is just less wordy, less confusing and easier to understand