Revitalization continues with new benches for downtown Bloomfield

Grant money will replace worn-out benches like this one in Downtown Bloomfield.

The effort to revitalize the Bloomfield square is never-ending and now, Bloomfield Main Street is the recipient of a grant that will put new park benches around downtown.

The $2,000 Build with Bags grant is sponsored by the Iowa Grocer's Recycling program. Keith's Foods in Bloomfield wrote a letter of support with the grant application and soon, 12 plastic benches made from recycled material will replace old or worn-out benches around the square.

Bloomfield has seen a boost in tourism over the last couple of years, with bus tours coming through town. Diana Upton-Hill, Program Coordinator of Bloomfield Main Street, said they expect more to come, so the benches will benefit both guests and residents.

"We're looking ahead and thinking, people need places to be and relax, so the park benches, they're going to be used, like I said, by the people who are downtown or just by people who work downtown and live here in the area and just happen to be here and need a place to sit," Upton-Hill said.

Not only will the benches add to the look of the square, but they also go hand-in-hand helping the effort towards sustainability and caring for the environment.

Upton-Hill said the benches should be installed by late summer.