Revive Your Wet Cell Phone in Five Easy Steps

With summer temperatures on the rise, many memories will soon be made at the beach, on the lake or at the pool. Part of the fun is sharing these memories with friends and family, and a smart phone makes it easy to capture and share these fleeting summer moments with family and friends.

In fact, a recent survey¹ found that 43% of U.S. Cellular customers polled have improved relationships due to mobile devices. Of those customers, 66% say a mobile device improves relationships by updating each other immediately and sharing experiences right away. However, the rush to capture these summer memories with a smartphone can lead to inadvertently getting the phone wet or dropping it in water.

If your phone does accidentally end up falling in the lake, getting splashed at the pool or hit by a stray sprinkler, U.S. Cellular recommends following these five steps to ensure the family memories youâ??ve captured on your phone arenâ??t lost forever:

Step 1 â?? If your phone does not turn off when it gets wet, power it down immediately. Once the power is off, remove the battery.

Step 2 â?? Remove any skins, covers or faceplates. Grab a towel and remove as much excess water from the phone as you can. If you have a flip phone, you should open it up, so air can reach the keypad.

Step 3 â?? The best thing to do is to leave the phone powered off for a day or two to give the internal circuitry a chance to dry out. During this time, turn it over several times, so that any water trapped inside can make it to the surface.

Step 4 â?? It is very tempting to try and speed up the drying process with items such as hairdryers, microwaves, space heaters and ovens. However, the intensity of the heat may cause further damage to the phoneâ??s internal circuitry. Placing it by a fan is a much better alternative to help the phone dry out.

Step 5 â?? Once you put the battery back in, turn your device back on. If it turns on, you can breathe a sigh of relief, though it may only be temporary. Moisture damage signs may take time, and symptoms might appear several weeks or months later. Check your keypad, as keys that stick or donâ??t work all the time are signs of permanent damage.

â??Families are already relying on technology in their daily lives, and U.S. Cellular is providing tools to help people use this technology to enjoy Better Moments with family,â?? said Josh Beelman, sales manager for U.S. Cellular in Kirksville, â??During these summer months, we want to make sure customers preserve their precious memories so they can be shared and remembered long after summer is over.â??

For customers who will be spending much of their summer relaxing by the water an easy way to safeguard your cellphone is by keeping it in a Ziploc bag or purchasing a waterproof case. For the extreme summertime adventurers,U.S. Cellular also offers the 4G LTE Kyocera Hydro XTRM â?? a waterproof, dustproof and drop proof device option that can keep you connected through accidental drops in water or unexpected rain.

Between April 1-5, 2013, a total of 527 online interviews were conducted among U.S. Cellular post-paid customers by Consumer Insights, in partnership with Directions Research Inc.