Ribbon cutting ceremony at Liberty Elementary School

Thursday was the official ribbon cutting for the new Liberty Elementary School

It is the first new building the Ottumwa Community Schools District has built in 40 years.

The new Liberty Elementary School has had its doors opened for a few weeks now and Thursday was the official ribbon cutting for the new building.

Members of the community, faculty and students gathered to show their support for the new school and to take a walk through the halls to see everything the school has to offer.

â??It's an adjustment but working in partnership with someone has really helped alleviate a lot of stress personally for me, working as a team with another principal. Then all of the staff have been wonderful. They're just really great to work with. That's really what this is all about is working together at Liberty to create the best school that we can create,â?? said Missy Carson-Roark, Liberty Principal.

The students are enjoying their new school, as well.

â??I really like the playground. It has really cool spinning stuff. They spin around really fast and we also got a huge pyramid to play on too,â?? said Owen Tanner, 4th grader.

Principal Carson-Roark says said she is excited for a culture to be created at Liberty Elementary.