Richardson's Point honors those who journeyed across Iowa Mormon Trail with site dedication

Mormons who bravely made the trek across the Iowa Mormon Trail were honored at Richardson's Point in Milton, Iowa with a historic dedication Saturday.

The goal of the dedication was to bring attention to the historic significance that occurred at Richardson's Point.

Two mormons who perished at the point were commemorated with grave markers at their burial site.

James Monroe Tanner died in 1846 as an infant at the age of two after becoming seriously ill.

Edwin Sobieski Little, a nephew of Brigham Young, died the same year at the age of 30 after complications from falling through the ice in the Mississippi River.

The mormons that made the journey were also at the forefront of the ceremony.

"It helps us remember a huge effort and sacrifice made by a whole people who were forced to leave a very comfortable city they built and head off into the wilderness," said 1st Council in Iowa Stake Presidency member Eric Andersen. "And this was one of the first places they stayed. It helps us remember their sacrifices."

The historic Iowa Mormon Pioneer Trail is the route established by Brigham Young beginning in February of 1846 as he lead his followers from Nauvoo, Ill. across Iowa on the way to the valley of the Great Salt Lake.