Road and bridge budget leads to layoffs


An update to a story KTVO first brought you Tuesday about the road and bridge budget forcing layoffs. One of the recently laid off employees says he was told something different and was never actually offered another position within.

â??I caught the six oâ??clock news the other night and heard we were offered another position and refused so we were laid off. I was not offered another position and to my knowledge the other driver was not offered another position,â?? said laid off employee Gerald Lyons.

On Tuesday at the commission meeting, the commissioners said the two employees were offered different roles within if they wanted, but that they refused them.

KTVO could not reach the commissioners at this time for a comment.


The Adair county commissioners met Tuesday morning to discuss the six month road & bridge budget.

While the drought has had a negative impact on many, it has allowed for many projects across the county to get done.

At this point, 54 percent of the yearly budget has been spent which is on target. The heat has had an impact on vehicle repairs which is way up for the year and becoming a concern.

Despite the budget being on track, two layoffs are expected. The layoffs include two positions that haul rock to sites.

â??They could have got another job. We could have moved them somewhere else if they wanted to do something else besides drive a truck,â?? said Presiding Commissioner Stan Pickens.

Overall, things are better off then they expected at the half way point of the year for the road and bridge budget. Still in the works for this year are two additional bridges and the finishing of another along with various other smaller projects.