Road audit trying to find more ways to keep you safe while driving

If you were driving along U.S. Highway 63 in northeast Missouri on Monday, you probably noticed some Missouri Department of Transportation officials out in the road.

MoDOT, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, conducted a road safety audit on Highway 63 from Columbia to the Missouri-Iowa state line.

The audit included looking at intersections along the highway in places such as Atlanta, La Plata and Lancaster where there have been a lot of accidents in the past year.

The number one accident MoDOT and the state patrol have seen on these intersections is the right angle crash.

"Somebody pulls off the side road out into 63. It's a more severe crash then a normal fender bender. So we are seeing the intersections where they are more common with the right angle crashes. We want to try to do what we can do to address those," said MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Kevin James.

After completing Monday's audit, MoDOT will create a report with both short and long term solutions to prevent accidents at the intersections such as flashers, better signage and improving the design of the intersection.

MoDOT also wants in the future to find ways to stress the importance of wearing safety belts and how it can save your life in auto accidents.