Road crews hit the streets on Tuesday

Most of the Heartland woke up to a winter wonderland Tuesday morning and a lot of kids were happy to wake up to no school.

And snow plows have been hitting the streets all day.

Ottumwa Public Works Coordinator Steve Edgington said his crews were even more prepared after last weekâ??s snowfall.

They got all the trucks ready Monday â?? cleaned and fueled them up so they were ready to hit the streets Tuesday morning.

â??The trucks went out at 7:00 a.m. I went out and cleared the streets at 4:30 and again at 6. Wasn't really any need for us to be out there before 7 or so. They'll work 12 hours today -- night shift will come in tonight. The forecast says it's supposed to snow all night so we'll be in all night and we'll do it again tomorrow,â?? said Edgington.

The snow ordinance went into effect Tuesday morning at 7; Edgington stressed the importance of following the ordinance.

Itâ??s important to stay 50 feet behind snow plows and do not pass them.

The trucks will be focusing on clearing the main emergency and snow routes.