Roads and bridges sales tax going back on the ballot in Schuyler elections

Schuyler County officials hope one sales tax plan will continue.

On April 3, county residents will head to the polls. One of the things they'll be voting on is if they want to continue the half-cent sales tax to improve county roads and bridges.

With rising costs in fuel and rock, county officials say it's essential that the sales tax is passed in order to continue receiving the money for the bridges and road maintenance.

"Most of the money from the tax goes towards rock and hauling. We try to rock every road every other year. So most of it goes towards rock and hauling on the roads," said Schuyler County Clerk Bree Shaw.

If voters don't pass the sales tax, the county will have to make cuts.

"People won't get as much rock on their roads as they're used to getting. The roads may not be maintained as much as they are right now. The general maintenance of the bridges will not be as it is today," Shaw said.

The roads and bridges sales tax raises about $145,000 every year.

The sales tax is part of the 80/20 Project in which both county and federal grant money is used to help with improvements.

County officials are optimistic the sales tax will pass again.