Ronza or Palonza, it's the same on the inside

A Ronza, now called a Palonza

If you've ever been to Kirksville, then you've probably had one, we're talking of course about a Ronza, from Pagliai's Pizza.

Well, if you've ordered recently, you've noticed a different menu item.

Due to a copyright claim by Runza National, a Nebraska business that makes a sandwich called a Runza, there's been a small change.

The Ronza has changed its name to a Palonza.

Yes, after 30 years, the Ronza has a new name.

Owner John Wichmann told KTVO, now, when you order a Palonza, you'll get the exact same thing you have always received; only the name has changed.

As a matter of fact, the Ronza has its own Facebook page. You can find it here.