Rotary Club of Kirksville dedicates new sign

The Rotary Club of Kirksville spent Wednesday evening gathering and dedicating a new sign.

The new Rotary Park Way Finder Sign is located on Business Highway 63. The sign provides easy identification of services available at the park including the Amphitheater, Veterans Memorial, Disc Golf Course, and the Aquatic Center.

The sign was designed to be environmentally friendly and includes natural rock collected by the Rotary Club, as well as other community organizations. The construction of the sign also allowed members of the community to have the chance to work together.

"I've found that ever since I've lived here that the community comes together for good things, and we have a lot of diverse successes in the community that are sponsored by service clubs," said Ron Gaber, of the Rotary Club of Kirksville.

The final cost of the project was $16,500. That cost includes donations and grants.