Rotary Clubs collecting shoes for a good cause

Rotary Clubs across the area are collecting shoes for a good cause.

The clubs are collecting the shoes to help support 'Shoes for Orphan Souls,' located in Dallas, Texas. 'Shoes for Orphan Souls' is trying to reach their goal of collecting 450,000 shoes. The shoes will be distributed to children overseas. Collecting shoes is something that the area Rotary Clubs have been doing for years. Donated shoes can range from youth size 4 thru adult size 9. Shoelaces can also be donated for the project.

"A pair of shoes is something we take for granted in the United States, being a first world country, but a pair of shoes for us we can wear them for a year, and toss them. Some kids have these shoes for years and years, and that's they only pair of shoes they will ever see," said Jeff Behrens, of the Scotland County Rotary Club.

If interested in donating, shoes can be dropped off at Rotary Clubs in Kirksville, Memphis, Moberly, and Macon. Shoes can also be dropped off at the Scotland County Hospital in Memphis.