Rotary Park to get new sign

Come springtime, it will be easier to locate one of Kirksville's city parks.

Rotary Park is getting a new sign at the park entrance thanks to the Rotary Club and the City of Kirksville.

The primary purpose of the new sign is to increase educational, recreational and social use of the park by identifying the amenities Rotary Park has to offer. It will be near the high volume of traffic passing on Business 63, which runs along the edge of the park.

The sign will list the Amphitheater, Disc Golf Course, Aquatic Center and other park services. It's designed to be environmentally friendly and made with real rocks found locally.

"Since the park is one of our finest natural resources, both for activity and for education, we are continually wanting to improve it," said Ron Gaber of the Rotary Park Committee.

Construction on the new sign started January 29 and is estimated to be completed within the next 3 months.