Rotary Park's new addition

The newest addition to Kirksville's Rotary Park is now in the works.

Community volunteers began laying the natural rock Wednesday around the soon-to-be Rotary Park sign.

Currently, there is no sign that highlights all the amenities at the park.

Members of the Kirksville Rotary Club hope the new sign will drive members of the community to experience everything the park has to offer.

The sign will be made of natural and environmentally friendly rock, collected in the Heartland.

It is estimated that the sign will consist of 750 natural rocks.

â??Itâ??s nice to have the community come together and the church is involved in a lot of stuff and this is one of their activities,â?? said Colin Sorhus, primary volunteer coordinator.

â??A lot of work went into it, a lot of work so what youâ??re seeing here is just a small part of it,â?? said Richard Sapp, Rock Mason Volunteer. â??To get everything here, all those stones and stuff, yeah, that was as much work as this.â??

Next, the volunteers will finish the project by attaching the sign.