ROTC shows off its stuff

ROTC event

Campus cadets from Truman State Universityâ??s Army Reserve Officer Training Program (ROTC) and the Missouri National Guard were "guarding the quad" by demonstrating room-clearing and had two inflatable games for students to participate in.

Lieutenant Ryan Newman said this is a great opportunity for students to learn about the ROTC.

â??With the guard there is the opportunity to get full room and board, a full scholarship and a book stipend as well, Newman said. â??And, that way you also get to serve your community at the same time. Being in ROTC puts you out as a leader, you get unparallelâ?¦leadership opportunities and experience that you don't get anywhere else.â??

Newman also said students who are in ROTC have an advantage when looking for jobs.

â??You can put that on your resume. Yes, I am fully trained and have led 30 to 40 soldiers,â?? Newman said. â??And, a lot of people can say theyâ??ve led them into combat as well. Youâ??re not going to find much more stress than that too, so employers love really looking at that."

He said some basic requirements include:

-being in good medical condition

-being able to pass the PT test.

-not being a felon or on probation

-being in good academic standing.

An information table will be set up on The Mall September 26 and the obstacle course will be by the Rappel Tower on September 27.

If you would like more information the Missouri National Guard office is located at Barnett Hall.