Rothville woman wins $20,000 on way to work

Brandi Koechner of Rothville made a decision on the way to work on February 14 that changed her day. She decided to stop for a â??popâ?? at County Line Convenience, 322 W. Helm St. in Brookfield, and bought a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket concealing a $20,000 prize.

â??Believe it or not, I almost didnâ??t stop there this morning,â?? began Koechner. â??The guy ahead of me bought three of them (tickets), and I thought, â??Well, Iâ??m going to try it.â?? And the one I bought just happened to be the big one.â??

Koechner, 32, purchased a â??Lucky Goldâ?? Scratchers ticket, her new â??favorite.â?? She continued on to Stanbury Uniforms in Brookfield and scratched the ticket in the parking lot, where she uncovered the $20,000 prize while talking to her mother on the phone.

â??I went in and told my supervisor that I was leaving, so I could go cash it in,â?? she said.

Koechner and her mother, Brenda, then set out for Jefferson City to claim the prize. The two indicated that a shopping day in Columbia would follow. Other plans for the windfall include â??paying off my vehiclesâ?? and â??putting some backâ?? for the future.

â??It feels awesome,â?? she concluded.

â??Lucky Goldâ?? is a $2 game that officially began Feb. 11. Koechner claimed the second top prize. Track prizes remaining for any Missouri Lottery Scratchers game at