Roundup: a white Christmas, Iowa Supreme Court & change in school hours

Probability of a white Christmas in the U.S. all depends on where you live

From Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," Christmas is portrayed as a snowy time.


Osky law student looks at Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa is only one of two states that has an all-male Supreme Court and law student Gina Messamer, of Oskaloosa, suggests some changes to balance that out.


About 200 kids go through Santa's Secret Shop during first Saturday

The former middle school saw more action Saturday than it has since it closed last June with opening of Santa's Secret Shop.


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Missouri lawmaker proposes change in school hours

A legislative bill is being proposed to the State Department of Elementary Education that would change the number of hours students would have to attend class in a school calendar year.


Water complaints reach Hannibal

Last week the Hannibal Board of Public Works started getting calls for funny tasting and smelling water, similar to the calls in Quincy.


State senator wants tougher safety belt law

A Missouri state senator wants a tougher law for safety belt violators.


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