Roundup: election day, mammoth tusk discovered & man sentenced in high speed chase

      Iowans will decide several races Tuesday

      It is going to be a nail biter Tuesday evening to see whether President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden remain in office or if former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney wins the presidency along with Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan taking the VP slot.


      Mammoth tusk discovered Sunday

      Researchers at the mammoth dig site in rural Mahaska County discovered a mammoth tusk Sunday morning that was at least 4 feet long.


      RIZ request for Sundown Lake

      The Appanoose County Board of Supervisors Friday morning held a 90 minute public hearing to consider a petition to create a Rural Improvement Zone at Sundown Lake in the northeast part of the county.


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      Feds monitor Mo elections

      Tuesday's elections in Missouri will once again proceed under the watchful eye of federal prosecutors and the FBI.


      Mt. Sterling Man sentenced in high speed chase

      A Cass County man charged in the death of a 19-year-old woman will spend five years in jail, his defense attorney said.


      McCaskill-Akin Senate contest tops Missouri races

      Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has been highlighting all the things that Republican congressman Todd Akin is against. Akin has been emphasizing the things that McCaskill is for.


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