Roundup: teacher on leave, water and illness & armed robbery

Keokuk teacher on leave due to sexual abuse charges

A Keokuk school teacher allegedly sexually abused and threatened a child during a six-year period while previously employed by the New London School District, according to a lawsuit filed in Henry County Circuit Court in Mount Pleasant.


Mitten Trees can be found at various locations

Mitten trees for the 2012 Operation Santa program went up in the area this past week-end.


Town hopes to save its movie theater

Paul Van Ness hopes Hollywoodâ??s move to new technology wonâ??t result in the showing of the last picture show at his downtown theater.


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Bruce Cole bond reduction hearing

Electronic Media Coverage of the Bruce Cole case will continue, following a ruling Wednesday morning by Associate Circuit Judge Mason Gebhardt.


Quincy woman links water to daughter's illness

A mother's Facebook post set off a panic Wednesday in the city of Quincy after she linked her child's illness to recent problems with the city's drinking water.


Columbia police still searching for suspect in WalMart armed robbery

Columbia police are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery that took place in the WalMart parking lot on W. Broadway around 10:24 p.m. last night.


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