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      Roundup: walkers for the needy, fire investigation and no to chickens

      IHCC club collecting used medical items The Physical Therapist Assistant Club at Indian Hills Community College this week will hold a collection for used wheelchairs, canes, walkers or crutches that will be distributed to needy disabled persons in Third World countries. __________________________________________ Mayor: City actively involved in fire probe The recent fire at the historic Metropolitan Hotel building at the corner of Avenue G and Sixth Street has everyone talking.__________________________________________ Dealing with diabetes during the holidays The holiday season begins in November for many people. Itâ??s also American Diabetes Month.___________________________________________More Stories Below ___________________________________________ Macon recyclingDue to space restrictions and limited employee numbers, the Macon County Sheltered Workshop will no longer be able to take plastic recyclables with the resin code 3-7.___________________________________________ Chickens a no-no in Macomb A proposal to let homeowners in Macomb own a chicken is now fried. ___________________________________________ Estate tax change could hit Missouri farms Sen. Roy Blunt says thousands of Missouri farmers could face higher taxes if the current federal estate tax rates are allowed to expire.___________________________________________

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