Runway expansion ready for take off

<p>The Macon Fower Memorial Airport hosted their new dedication ceremony, starting off with free rides in these small engine planes</p>

The Macon Fower Memorial Airport has taken off. Before, the airport was mainly used for general aviation, but a new runway will allow more business aircrafts to come into the city of Macon.

â??This is something we've been working on for 10 to 12 years to lengthen this runway,â?? said Allan Muncy, Macon city administrator. â??It's a complete brand new runway, it was an asphalt runway, but now it's all concrete. Its 75 feet wide 4,200 feet long.â??

Muncy tell us that's 900 feet longer and 15 feet wider than the previous runway.

The expansion was made possible through grants from the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration allowing the airport to service bigger and better business aircrafts and boost the economic development for the city.

The airport hosted their new dedication ceremony, starting off with free rides in these small engine planes

â??Glad the community's out supporting this,â?? said Muncy. â??There are a lot of Young Eagles getting their first ride, they're excited and it's really great to see the smile on their face and the glee in their eye when they get ready to get on that air craft.â??

Little Joshua Roper had the opportunity to ride in one of the small engine planes.

â??Then whenever I was off the plane, I saw some planes go up in the air and do some tricks and stuff that was kinda fun,â?? said Joshua.

The Macon city administrator tells us the new runway expansion project cost $3.5 million and will serve the community for years and years into the future.

Representatives from Senator McCaskill and Senator Bluntâ??s offices were present.