Salary discussion

The salary commission for Adair County met Tuesday in Kirksville.All non charter counties in Missouri are required to meet before November 30th of odd years to discuss the salaries of the elected county officials.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the elected officials asked to table the discussion. They do not want to make a decision without having an opportunity to look at their budgets at the end of the year, propose budgets for next year and look at the finances of the county.

Adair County Prosecutor Matt Wilson said, "I think it is a sound decision, I am not surprised. The elected officials of Adair County are concerned. They want to make sure that the county is stable, meet all of their obligations and make sure the people of Adair County are taken care of."

The commission does not have authority over the employees. That is only for the County Commissioners to determine.

The officials want to make their decision after looking at the numbers to see whether or not their employees are going to get any type of increase.

The meeting adjourned and will meet again December 13th.