Salvation Army bell ringer says people's smiles are contagious

And you know the holidays are coming when you start to hear the Salvation Army kettle bells ringing. And Christmas Eve will be the last day of the Kettle Campaign.

And for Margaret Jessop, she has been ringing the Salvation Army bells since the very beginning: right before Thanksgiving.

She said the smiling faces and knowing the proceeds go towards a good cause is what keeps her doing this year after year.

â??And I always tell them even if they give a penny, that's fine too. You know, every little bit is going to help. I really enjoy that. And so they wish me a Merry Christmas or Iâ??ll wish them a Merry Christmas all the time and I really enjoy the people and stuff. So it's a real joy to me,â?? said Jessop.

The Red Kettle Campaign is The Salvation Armyâ??s biggest fundraiser of the year with the proceeds going towards the Senior Feeding Program and Social Services Program.

The goal of the campaign this year was $106,000. When we last spoke to Capt. Oliver Knuth of the Ottumwa Salvation Army, he said he was confident that goal could be met.