Salvation Army captains say goodbye to Ottumwa

Sunday was a farewell day for Ottumwa Salvation Army Captains Oliver and Tabitha Knuth.

The captains will be leaving Ottumwa this week to accept captain positions at the Salvation Army in Boone, Iowa. Captain Oliver and Captain Tabitha both agree that what they'll miss the most is the Ottumwa community and the relationships they've made with the people here.

"We'll definitely miss the people and the relationships," said Captain Oliver. "Our senior feeding program and all our seniors here, every day it's always been a good thing and during the summer, with all the kids coming in, we'll definitely miss that and we've missed that the last few days that we've been packing and cleaning and getting the house ready to move out and have somebody else follow us and move in."

Captain Tabitha said moving on to a new community will be exciting and they look forward to seeing what work can be done in a new town.

"We have lots of opportunities of putting the Salvation Army's name out there and the Salvation Army does so many great things in every community, so it'll be exciting to see what Boone has to offer and what the Salvation Army can do there," she said. "I know we have a thrift store, and we've been doing the thrift store here, so we'll be excited to work with that again, too."

Captain Ruth Gibbons from Minnesota will be accepting the position at the Ottumwa Salvation Army and she will start there this week.

Captain Oliver and Captain Tabitha say they would like for the Ottumwa Salvation Army Thrift Store to continue to prosper, as well as all the community-based programs like the senior feeding program and the summer feeding program for children.