Salvation Army employee being hailed as a hero

An employee wit the Salvation Army is being hailed as a hero after helping assist one of his Meals on Wheels recipients in physical need.

Darrell Arnold was on his Meals on Wheels route when he arrived at the home of one of his recipients. Darrell knocked on the door and waited for the woman to answer, when she did not, he became concerned. Darrel opened the door to find the woman on the floor, in need of assistance.

Darrell immediately called 911.

KTVO spoke with Darrell on Thursday about his experience. Darrell told us that he feels great that he could help someone in need.

â??I feel great, because she had been there awhile. A matter of fact, I think she fell asleep there. She could have been there until her guardian or whomever else came over, because she could not get up,â?? stated Darrell.

Darrell told KTVO that the people on his Meals on Wheels route are more then just people that he delivers meals to, they are like friends and family.

â??Oh yeah, you do not want to get close, but it is hard not too. They are really nice people,â?? said Darrell.

The meals on wheels program in Ottumwa serves seniors that are in need of assistance.