Salvation Army return gathering steam

File photo/KTVO

The Salvation Army has been back in Ottumwa for a year and it may turn out the city needs the organization now more than ever.

The Army has spent the last year trying to reestablish itself in Ottumwa.

It closed the doors in 2014, a victim of poor finances.

The organization first came to Ottumwa in the 1880's.

The Army has started holding Sunday services again, along with operating the thrift store and providing financial assistance to Ottumwans.

Services Extension Director Bethany Woodard started rebuilding with nothing more than the old thrift store building on West Main and her faith.

"It's been a very rewarding year. We started out small, we weren't sure where it was going to go from there, but it has far exceeded our expectations," she said.

Woodard says The Army is financially helping about 35 Ottumwans a month.

She expects that number to increase.

Woodard specifically cited last week's Penney's announcement as an indication The Army will have more Ottumwans needing help in the near future.

Volunteers can contact Woodard via Facebook.

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