Salvation Army looking for thrift store employees

The newly re-vamped Salvation Army Thrift Store in downtown Ottumwa has seen an increase in traffic and nearly a double in sales

since re-opening this June

, but the store has seen a few set-backs in the last few weeks.

Three employees resigned, leaving the store with only half its regular staff. The Salvation Army is now looking for three or four people to work a few spare hours here and there to help keep the store running smoothly.

"[To] help us get some stuff out on the floor, or we rotate the clothing, so either getting it on the floor or taking it off the floor," said Captain Oliver Knuth, of the Ottumwa Salvation Army. "So we could really use some help with that, or just other odds and ends things, there's always something going on. We wouldn't have anybody run the cash register, that's a little more complex, but definitely use some help processing the clothes and moving it in and out and same with all the other stuff we have here - all the knick knacks and furniture as well."

Knuth said they are not looking for anyone with a specific background or experience for the positions, just anyone who is willing to help.

You can inquire about the open positions by calling the Thrift Store at 682-3606 or the Salvation Army building at 682-7597.