Salvation Army plans ahead for when weather impacts Meals on Wheels deliveries

This week's winter weather has impacted those in Ottumwa who depend on the Salvation Army's Meals on Wheels Program. Whenever the school district cancels class, the Salvation Army is also closed.

They have to think about their drivers' safety on snowy and slick streets. However, those who depend on the meal deliveries don't go hungry when the weather is bad. They have shelf stable meals on hand in case the drivers can't make it.

"These are things that they could use to make a meal, they don't need to be refrigerated, they won't be something they can heat up, typically it'll be a cold meal, but they will have something to eat," said Captain Ruth Gibbons of the Ottumwa Salvation Army.

For those who are housebound, sometimes the Meals on Wheels delivery is the only personal contact they have in the day, so the weather can impact that interaction.

The Salvation Army is always looking for volunteers for both Meals on Wheels and the meals served on site at 11:30 each day. If you're interested in volunteering, you can fill out a form at the Salvation Army at 725 West Second Street in Ottumwa.