Sam Graves is back on the campaign trail

With the primary elections now behind us, one candidate is back on the campaign trail getting ready for Missouri's general election in November.

Earlier Wednesday, Republican Congressman Sam Graves visited the Jackson Country Connection, a local pumpkin patch and corn maze just outside La Plata.

Graves is the current U.S. Congressman for Missouri's 6th Congressional District.

He received more than 80% of the vote in the August 7th primary for his re-election.

Graves thanked his supporters for helping him get this far, and he says he hopes it will continue through November and beyond.

"It's always very humbling when that happens and when people believe in you. We try to move around the district a lot too and get to know the new parts of it. It's a lot of fun. It's like starting all over again and I really like it," Graves said

Adair County has been one of 12 new counties that have been added to Graves' district, which includes 36 counties in the northern part of the state.

Graves says that government spending must be reduced and that his good friend, newly announced Vice Presidential Candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, knows all about the budget and that Ryan's experience will help Mitt Romney win the Presidential Election and also get government spending under control.

Graves will be going up against Democrat Kyle Yarber in the November 6 General Election.