Saving money by saving energy

With the temperature rising outside, itâ??s easy to simply just turn up the air conditioner. However, you will also be seeing your cooling bill rise.

There are many things a family can do together to help reduce that cost. Planting trees outside is a great family activity and a properly placed tree can save you 25 percent to 30 percent on an average cooling bill according to Fairfield Sustainability Coordinator Scott Timm.

â??They say that the best energy savings is from planting trees on the west side of your home followed by the east side of the home. So you want to be between 20 and 65 feet from your home and plant nice Hardwoods that don't break, that don't have limbs that break so easily. So if thereâ??s a storm, it doesn't come down on your home in the future,â?? said Timm.

Fairfield is trying to reduce the cityâ??s energy use by 5,059,000 kilowatt hours amounting to around $250,000.

This is part of the Hometown Rewards Program. If the goal is met, then Alliant Energy will install solar panels on two of the cityâ??s buildings.

There are other benefits besides saving money when it comes to saving energy.

â??But then in terms of just the environment, our electricity -- most of it -- unless you have solar or wind, comes from coal. Coal when it's burned releases mercury and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere so ecologically and environmentally, it is the right thing to do,â?? said Timm.

Timm stressed that anyone and everyone is able to save and conserve energy, regardless of age.