Saving money on energy bills

If you're looking for ways to save money, reducing your home energy usage might be the answer.

The "Energize Missouri Homes Tour" sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources stopped by the Kirksville Farmers market this morning to inform customers on simple ways to reduce their energy usage and therefore save money on their energy bills.

The walk-through exhibit showcased signs that said:

  • use of a programmable thermostat that lowers temperatures 10 degrees over an eight hour period can reduce heating costs by 10%.
  • a 10 degree reduction in water temperature can save 3-5% on energy costs
  • water heater timers save $10-$15 on monthly electric bills

One of the home energy auditors on hand said that putting a foam substance between your windows and walls will better insulate the window and prevent air from seeping in. He recommends getting a home energy audit in order to identify just how much energy is being wasted in your home.

"By reducing the amount of energy that your home uses and by making it more comfortable by reducing the amount of outside air that is just arbitrarily coming in, you'll be more comfortable and you'll be happier," said Roger Bequette, a state certified Energy Auditor.

The state of Missouri offers a tax refund to cover the cost of home energy audits and also to cover any inefficiencies that the auditor recommends.

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