Saying goodbye to a long time Truman employee

Marilyn Gibbons has been working at Truman State University for 50 years and retired Tuesday.

The new year is brining a big life change to a long time Truman State University employee.

Marilyn Gibbons has been working at the university's registrar office for 50 years. On Tuesday, she is retiring from her position as clerical worker.

The office held a reception with cookies and refreshments as faculty and staff stopped by to wish her the best of luck.

Her co-workers said they are going to miss her knowledge and her dry wit.

"We've got a couple of faculty in here. She likes to talk about the faculty when they don't turn in their grades on time, incompletes, grade changes. It's fun to hear her stories when she talks about those things. We enjoy that," said Gibbon's co-worker Maggie Herron.

Gibbons told us she will miss the paperwork, her co-workers and the students the most. She won't though be missing the days she has to come to her job in the ice and snow.

Gibbons will be doing some traveling, spending more time with her church and organizations and of course seeing her kids and grandkids more often.