Scammers targeting the elderly

Scammers are now targeting the elderly. And for one Bloomfield, Iowa couple, Friday the 13th could have been their unlucky day.

Friday afternoon Jack and Beverly Woolard received a phone call requesting for the coupleâ??s bank name, social security number and other sensitive information.

Thatâ??s when they knew they were trying to be scammed.

â??Started arguing with him a little bit and he carried on some. He did want to try to smooth it down and keep it going. And we jumped right back at him and told him to don't ever call here again for anything and about that time he just hung up and quit,â?? said Jack Woolard.

Woolard immediately notified authorities and gave them the phone number of the caller. He said the caller has not been able to be identified yet.

The Woolards wanted to tell their story so people could be aware and to possibly save somebody a lot of time and money.