Scenic Drive Fest brings many to Villages of Van Buren

Bentonsport was packed with people for the Scenic Drive Festival on Saturday

Thunderstorms didn't keep anyone away from coming to the Villages of Van Buren for the 37th annual Scenic Drive Festival. People came from all over to enjoy what The Villages have to offer.

â??So we came here, there's hardly anywhere to park -- we have to you know wait until somebody -- and it's a fabulous drive and so yeah we love it,â?? said Wilma Copeland.

The Dutchman Store saw a lot of foot traffic coming in out of the store. People wanted those baked goods!

And for the Copelandâ??s, Cantril was just their first stop.

â??Yeah, Bentonsport -- Carroll, he loves to play in the music jams and thatâ??s kind of our hobby,â?? said Copeland.

And driving a few miles into Keosauqua, vendors were all set up at the Roberts Memorial Center and many of them said this is their favorite show to come to and to display their items at.

â??The Van Buren County ones -- they're wonderful because people drive and see the beautiful foliage and they go past -- well Keosauquaâ??s the biggest one but they can go past Keosauqua to Bentonsport which is really charming and beyond there is Bonaparte and thatâ??s really charming. So it's a great time to be out and buy wonderful things that people make and then have fun,â?? said Lohrainne Janell, Janell Jewlery.

â??My friend and I like to come down here every year and check out their vendors and see what they have and they have so much good stuff and it's so exciting to see what people are making,â?? said Joyce Countryman.

And out of town tourists are bringing a lot of business to the downtowns this weekend.

â??From here, we're going to go downtown and go to The Village Cups and Cakes and get a sandwich and just have our lunch while we're here,â?? said Countryman.

And one of the vendors said why he thinks people make the trek from all over to The Villages of Van Buren.

â??I think itâ??s kind of the rustic setting and everybody kind of likes that,â?? said Greg Liddle.