School lunch boot camp makes food from scratch

Your child's school lunch might be a whole lot tastier this year and it's all thanks to school lunch boot camp.

Erlanger-Elsmere, Milford, and Norwood schools all attended Cook for America's Culinary Boot Camp. Chefs from around the country were brought in to local schools for one reason: to cook from scratch. And not just scratch cook anything, but rather what kids really like to eat.

Jaime Love from Interact4Health said, "Exactly, they are taking really traditional things that kids are used to seeing such as pizza, mac and cheese and chicken; that kids think are good. But are now being made with a healthy recipe and taste delicious."

Chef Elaine was up for that challenge and made things such as a batch of chicken wings, baked not fried. At the end of the week there will be the big reveal where they take what they have learned and present it in the cafeteria. And they say it's a real feast for the eyes.

It starts with a salad bar the team said no kid can resist. And then barbecue chicken, Asian pork, enchilada casserole and mac and cheese.

Pile these on a plate and you have to admit, kids will be saying what these chefs are saying, "I don't eat this much usually!"

(Information provided by KTVO sister station WKRC-TV)