School spirit fills the streets of Kirksville for Truman Homecoming Parade

Truman State Homecoming Parade 2013

It was a cold Saturday morning in Kirksville, but that didn't stop many people from enjoying the Truman State University Homecoming Parade.

Kids were bundled in hats and gloves, teenagers wrapped in blankets, and adults had coffee in hand on this cold October morning.

All that made worth when the parade finally rolled around.

This yearâ??s parade included everything from fire trucks and horses, to the "Statesmen" Marching band, and the El Kadir Shrine Club Mini Cars.

Of no one could ever forget the fan favoriteâ?¦ candy!

New rules prohibited participants from throwing candy into the crowd, but that didn't stop kids of all ages from collecting as much candy as they could get their hands on.

In spite of the cold temperatures, it was another very successful year at the Truman State Homecoming parade.

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