Schuyler County Health Department offers convenient services

Schuyler County Health Department

There is a convenient way to be sure to stay healthy for residents of northeast Missouri.

The Schuyler County Health Department offers an open clinic every Wednesday for patients to receive immunizations without making a scheduled appointment.

The service is especially convenient during flu season, back to school, and other periods when an increasing number of patients need the health services provided.

The Schuyler County Health Department also offers injections, urine testing, cholesterol screenings and employee drug screenings.

â??Like I said, walk-ins are always welcome to come in on Wednesdays and we want to encourage people to go ahead and call in even if its not Wednesday. If they need a service provided, go ahead and call in and we can try to get them scheduled during the week time if it's something that they need done," said RN Clinic Supervisor Joan Brundage.

A few of the services require doctors' orders, however, most are provided without.