Schweich releases audit of Missouri Department of Conservation

State Auditor Tom Schweich

released the audit of the Missouri Department of Conservation Friday.

As reported in a prior audit, the MDC did not prepare a complete and accurate estimate of costs to reintroduce elk in the state.

The approved project budget anticipated spending $411,000 to bring 150 elk into Missouri, but as of June 30, 2011, the MDC had spent $1.23 million to reintroduce elk.

Two years later, excluding salaried personnel costs, the MDC has now spent $3.382 million (including $1.424 from federal grants and private donations) to release 129 elk.

The MDC provided pay raises not provided to other state employees. The conservation commission authorized a two percent cost of living adjustment to most employees with 18 or more months of service in July 2012 and three other two percent raises through fiscal year 2014.

The MDC also provided a total of $54,036 in increases to two deputy directors and four division chiefs, who also received the annual and anniversary increases, and gave the department director, who did not receive the other increases, salary increases totaling $20,004, a 17 percent increase.

To read a copy of the full report, click here.