Secret Santas pay off customers' Wal-Mart layaway bills

If you've been stressed out because you put way too many toys on layaway at Wal-Mart for Christmas this year, you may have lucked out.

Kirksville Wal-Mart officials said between Dec. 11-17, at least two anonymous secret Santas visited the store and practically paid off more than a dozen random customer's layaway bills. Their only specification was that the bills included a lot of toy purchases. Store Manager Doug Nichting explained how the transaction took place.

" They came in and asked if they could pay some off. They wanted to be the secret Santa and we actually had them go to a separate area of the store so they wouldn't be known and pay it off and they left the store," said Nichting.

Nichting said the anonymous donors are from the Heartland. In total, he said they have paid off at least $1,500 worth of merchandise.