Secretary of State Schultz visits Pekin High School

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz

Secretary of State Matt Schultz brought his Rock Iowa Program to Pekin High School Tuesday morning.

The program encourages young people to get out and vote.

It also talks about how important their vote is.

The program partners with Rock the Vote.

It was originally meant for caucuses, but now travels statewide.

During the program, students participate in a mock presidential election and share their opinion on our nation's issues.

Schultz said the program has motivated many students.

And as a result, they have gone out to vote.

"Half of 18 to 25-year-olds don't vote," said Schultz. "And so that's why we do this program--to try to encourage and let them know their voice can be heard by voting. And that it's important for them to vote. If they want to make a difference it's important for them to get out and vote."

Schultz is also running for Congress.

He said when Tom Latham announced he wasn't running, he knew it was the right time.

He's looking forward to talking with Iowans during his campaign about how to fix Washington.