Sell Adderall, cocaine, or meth to undercover agents, go to jail

Stacy Minor

A drug bust on Wednesday in Macon leads to the arrest of three suspects. Authorities said this is the result of an extensive investigation where the suspects allegedly sold drugs to undercover agents.

Those arrested include 23-year-old Jacoby Kelly, 31-year-old Crystal Boles, and 49-year-old Stacy Minor, all of Macon.

According to the Macon County Sheriff's Office, Crystal Boles is charged with distribution of a controlled substance- methamphetamine. Stacy Minor is charged with distribution of a controlled substance- Adderall. Minor was released Thursday morning on a $15,000 cash-only bond. Jacoby Kelly is charged with distribution of a controlled substance-cocaine. On May 29, he turned himself in and posted bond after being wanted for a distribution charge in a seperate investigation. In addition, Kelly is already on probation for a distribution conviction in 2011.

Macon County Sheriff Robert Dawson said this is an ongoing investigation and he expects more arrests in the near future.

"We had one a few months back, another now, and hopefully we have another one in the future," said Sheriff Dawson."We always have aggressively enforced the drug laws and we're still doing so. We are continuing to work on it, by undercover buys and several other methods. We follow up on every bit of information we get on drugs, drug violations and make arrests where we can, and it seems to be no shortage of people to buy drugs from."

Jacoby Kelly and Crystal Boles remain in custody at the Macon County Sheriff's Office on $15,000 cash-only bonds.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office, the Macon Police Department, and agents from the North Missouri Drug Task Force assisted in the investigation.