Selling cinnamon rolls to help keep kids safe after prom

One Kirksville club was busy selling a popular breakfast treat for a great cause.

The Kirksville High School After Prom Committee held their annual cinnamon roll bake sale at the Kirksville Primary School early Saturday morning.

All the money raised from the sale goes to the activities and prizes for the after-prom to help teenagers have a safe and fun night.

"It's very important that our community helps us with this bake because we provide a safe place for children to go to after prom and not go off running in the streets. They are somewhere safe and having fun things to do. They get great rewards for staying for the whole after prom," said After Prom Committee Chair Stacie Riley.

People had a chance to take home freshly baked or frozen rolls.

This is usually the biggest fundraiser for the committee, but this year was the biggest one yet with about 400 dozen cinnamon rolls sold.