Selling unwanted items all with the tap of your finger

One manâ??s trash is another manâ??s treasure.

Itâ??s time to put down the lengthy newspaper ads and turn to the infamous World Wide Web. Looking for a gently used item is easier than you think. And itâ??s only a page like away. Thanks to the Kirksville Area Swap Shop.

â??I think itâ??s changed the way a lot of people get rid of some items that may be still be useful but are no longer useful to them,â?? said Curt Platz, KV Area Swap Shop Administrator.

Liking the Facebook page provides access to hundreds of posts from sellers. Items range from movies and books to electronics and exercise equipment. And itâ??s all available from your smartphone.

Itâ??s as easy as taking a picture, posting it to the site and waiting for people to comment. All with the tap of your finger.

Aside from buying or selling, users can post a request for an item they are looking to buy.

Using the search bar in the top right of the page can help narrow down the posts to find exactly what you are interested in buying.

â??Technology has changed so much that 30 years ago if you wanted to see if something was for sale or you wanted to see something you had to buy an ad in a newspaper,â?? said Platz.

While many of you enjoy the ease and convenience of the page, there are multiple hours put into the behind-the-scenes operation of the site.

â??The administrators are just kind of spread out and people are watching it periodically and then thereâ??s people that watch it probably 6 to 7, 8 hours a day that if something looks wrong they always let us know and then we can stop what weâ??re doing, take a look at it and fix it,â?? said Platz.

With its growing popularity, the Kirksville Area Swap Shop has over 15 thousand members and counting.